Delivering the Right Message at the Right Time to the Right Person via the Right Channel

Treating customers the way they would like to be treated is a secret weapon marketers can use to make sure the marketing is efficient and make the customer base a loyal one. At the end of the day customers value great experience, so marketers can use omnichannel marketing to reach the right customer at the right time on the right channel.

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A simple guide to Marketing Automation for eCommerce business

Marketing Automation can change the way things usually work for businesses, which can be crucial in the current make or break situation we are all in.

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A Guide to Drip Email Campaigns

For a business, email is one of the most important customer touchpoints. It’s not only useful to reach out, but it also helpful after leads become subscribers. Subscribers get the latest information about your business and frequent updates in the form of email newsletters. So, what’s the problem? Not all your subscribers join at once. […]

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5 Marketing Automation Hacks to Boost your Business

For an entrepreneur, growing the business is the holy grail of goals. But setting goals is only a part of the act. Consider it a blueprint, which needs execution. Various other aspects play crucial roles in the success of a business venture. Marketing Automation is the red pill that will reveal a pleasant truth-there are […]

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How Omnichannel Marketing can Improve Customer Journey

As a business owner, does your 6th sense tingle when you hear terms like leads, customer engagement, and conversion rates? Digital Marketing has come a long way, making it easy to reach customers at every step, but do you feel you could be looking at a higher conversion rate than you are right now? It’s […]

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How to Market Efficiently in the Wake of Coronavirus

Angela is a mom of 2 kids and a Marketing manager of a small business in Colorado. She’s passionate about marketing and comes with solid experience in her domain. Her company has been affected by the outbreak of the Coronavirus. It has complied with the work from home restrictions that the US has applied for […]

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