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All-in-One Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform

Why Go Factoreal?


Factoreal is built for the marketer and nothing gets technical. Marketers can build interesting and unique journeys through a conversation-like DIY tool.


We will be present at every customer touchpoint across all online channels – be it Email, social, chat apps or traditional messaging


The complexity of marketing automation gets more difficult with reports and data. Factoreal focuses on insights that are simple, relevant, precise and actionable

How it Works

All that you need

Journey Automation

Build journeys like the way you see. Orchestrate and automate seamless customer experiences across every customer touch point: email, SMS, mobile app and web

Email Templates

Choose the ones that fits your brand the best. With more than 50+ templates and designs, we will help you stand out in every inbox.

Social Ads and Share

Publish to all your social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter in the same place where you build campaigns. Manage your budgets smartly for social Ads.

Contacts and Audiences

Stay organized by aggregating all your contacts and visitors data. Take advantage of demographics, purchase and other behaviors to segments contacts in a more powerful way.

Real time meaningful dashboards

View details and insights on the right KPIs to track for your marketing spends, campaign performance, audience behavior and sales growth.


Factoreal is a “eat all you can” platform and our wallet approach allows you to scale up or down your marketing expenses based on your needs

Form Builder

Grow your contact list with captivating forms - customizable and comprehensive. Using a simple drag and drop UI, you can include any contact field into the form, embed the form in any page and collect relevant data. You know what, data is GDPR compliant!


Built in integrations to multiple store fronts, channels, social media platforms, CMS and CDPs enable you to achieve all your marketing goals with a single platform.

It’s easy to get started

Your data is safe with us. We don't send promotional emails nor do we sell your data.


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We believe the problems worth solving are hard ones and hard problems are solved with best solutions.


We believe great solution require great people and great people are the ones who carry the never give-up attitude up their sleeves.


We believe great people need a great workplace and great workplace is where independence and diversity allow for innovation and learning.

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