We care for your business as much as you care for your patients

The best prescription for patient communication and engagement

Build a real connect with patients with personalized, relevant communication at every step of the Patient Journey

Increase Awareness

With all your patient data in one place, communicate with your prospects through thoughtfully crafted and sequentially timed campaigns that are delivered by email, text, social media


Educate Patients During Pre-diagnosis

Once your prospective patient becomes an enrolled patient, with Factoreal, get insights from the Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and proactively correspond with your enrolled patients to keep them engaged during the pre-diagnosis stage.

Be the Backbone of your Patients during Diagnosis

While Factoreal actively talks to your EHR/EMR, help patients understand and make sense of their diagnosis. Add patients to new or existing campaigns delivered via email, or in-web. Share videos, case studies, condition overviews, treatment plans.


Run Offers on Insurance Coverage

Reduce the patient’s stress level by educating them about ins and outs of health insurance. Take time to carefully sequence emails that aim to inform the patient about deductibles, co-payments, co-insurance, other insurance-related topics they know little or nothing about.

Automate Diagnostic & Treatment Communication

Informed patients are better advocate for their own health. Let your practice shine by placing emphasis on patient education, deliver content on a diagnostic-by-diagnostic and treatment-by-treatment basis. Let your patients know exactly when they are due for diagnostic exam, treatments, office visits.


Post-Diagnostic Feedback & Referrals

Assess the quality of your service, doctors, facilities, and win back disgruntled or dissatisfied patients with timely action. Collect and act on patient feedback post treatment.

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