Delivering the Right Message at the Right Time to the Right Person via the Right Channel

Treating customers the way they would like to be treated is a secret weapon marketers can use to make sure the marketing is efficient and make the customer base a loyal one. At the end of the day customers value great experience, so marketers can use omnichannel marketing to reach the right customer at the right time on the right channel.

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Creating Content to Encompass with your Marketing Automation Platform

Creating an effective content marketing strategy can be challenging. This challenge, however, can be easily met when a marketing automation platform is deployed to streamline both the strategy and the content output. Let’s take a look at some best practices for creating fresh and engaging content, and how to properly encompass this content into your […]

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Get the Most out of This Holiday Season with Marketing Automation

Marketers have quite a task this holiday season. With the pandemic, customers have embraced online shopping and that is an advantage they can fully utilize to turn the tide into their favor with the help of a marketing automation tool. Put your marketing strategy into action with Factoreal and celebrate the inflow of customers this holiday season.

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Is the Customer Engagement Platform Replacing CRM?

Customer engagement platforms may be a replacement for customer relationship management (CRM). There’s a lot of obscurity regarding what customer engagement platforms are, how they’re replacing CRM, and why is it occurring. Read on to find out more A Basic Definition of Customer Engagement Platforms Customer engagement platforms allow businesses to manage multiple areas of […]

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The Benefits of Fan Engagement Solutions in Sports

When it comes to fan engagement, selling tickets is just one piece of the bigger picture. What sports marketers try to sell is fan experience, one that starts from sending promotions, watching a game, buying merchandise, and establishing an emotional connection with all team-related things. One of the benefits of social media and online life, […]

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Integrating Marketing Automation Software with Your EHR is the Healthy Thing to Do for Your Healthcare Practice

Marketing Automation for Healthcare practice provides both practice efficiency and patient experience. EMR/EHR records are already configured for data integration. All your healthcare practice needs is a capable Marketing Automation Tool.

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