Marketing Automation is the Ideal Prescription for Patient Enrollment and Retention

We do a step by step analysis of phases in which a Marketing Automation Software streamlines the Healthcare IT process, bringing better structure to the process and letting the healthcare professionals focus on the patients more, building a better patient relationship.

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How to Market Efficiently in the Wake of Coronavirus

  Angela is a mom of 2 kids and a Marketing manager of a small business in Colorado. She’s passionate about marketing and comes with a solid experience in her domain. Her company has been affected by the outbreak of the Coronavirus. It has complied with the work from home restrictions that the US has […]

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The Art of Simplicity

Simplicity by Design is a sales enabler. A powerful one at that.The more immediately someone understands the product, the greater the chance of him or her becoming your customer.

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Too Many Tools

Email marketing platform that assists you in sorting your customer list to send out eNewsletters and promotional campaigns - all the while keeping the two lists.

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Marketing Automation Trends in 2020

Omnichannel Marketing is a term that’s constantly used in Marketing Automation, especially online businesses.

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