How to Create a Customer Journey Map for Your Business

Customer Journey is all bout understanding your customer experiences so that there is a constant tweak and improvement in the customer experience which is an essestial element in visualizing the vision of the businesses and helps it run efficiently in the long run.

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10 Top Free Lead Generation Tools of 2020

Let's take a look at some free Lead generation tools helping you get more leads and conversions. Factoreal leads the list as an amazing Marketing Automation platform providing you all the features you'll ever need for an online business.

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Marketing Automation 101

For businesses looking to grow and expand footprint, Marketing Automation is the undisputed choice. From attracting new prospects converting them into customers, a Marketing Automation Software like Factoreal will take care of everything you could hope for and then some.

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The ABC’s of Marketing Automation Made EZ

Anytime a trend emerges, you can bet that soon to follow will be jargon that describes the inner workings of anything, and everything, related to that movement. Need an example? Back in the 1920s, when diners and luncheonettes began cropping up across the United States, a new food-related glossary developed. The lingo included belly warmer […]

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Reduce Cart Abandonment with Journeys & E-mail templates

Remember the feeling when a customer adds products to the cart? It’s a triumphant moment for any online business owner. And then the inevitable happens- cart abandonment. 3 out of 4 people abandon the cart, without purchasing anything. There are many reasons for this, and you’re already wondering how to reduce shopping cart abandonment. Did […]

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Meet the Team: Factoreal VP of Sales — Chris Ochs

Below is what we anticipate being the first in a series of posts that introduce the team members who work within our Factoreal family. It’s a way for us to put a face on the folks who make this company what it is. Because we know that when it comes to the field of marketing […]

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